Water Heater Wi-Fi Module from Rheem

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Gas Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO, Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO

Not to burst any ones bubble, no pun intended since we are looking at water heaters here, but in excess of 95 Percent of households continue to utilize a traditional water heater, not tankless ones. They simply function much better for bigger households regarding where the tankless technology is up to now. For this reason, it is good that research and technology is still being thought about for the traditional water heater. Which leads Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO to our conversation on Rheem’s Wi-Fi module designed for their gas and electric water heaters.Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO

This Wi-Fi module enables property owners observe the operation of the water heater, regulate its energy usage and be notified about water leaks or other pricey failures. It is part of Rheems new EcoNet Home Comfort technology designed to regulate all Rheem HVAC and water heating systems. The controller costs around $100, which is priced nicely, as opposed to some programmable thermostats which can cost two to three times as much. The controller does only work together with select Rheem water heater models right now.

With a water heater being accountable for about 18 Percent of a household’s energy use, it would be attractive to have some control regarding it. Programming ones water heater from ones smartphone is now doable due to the Wi-Fi water component.

Using the Rheem app to set schedules based on ones way of living and consumption necessities the module makes it doable to help save energy without any hassle. It may be programmed to cool down throughout the day while at work, or modified from ones phone if necessary. Wirelessly set the water heater to vacation mode, preventing it from heating and reheating water that no one would be utilizing.

The unit can in addition conserve water and cash by assisting to prevent calamities. Functions which include leak detection, service diagnostics and system status will alert homeowners to difficulties before the water floods ones basement. Also according to Rheem, insurance companies happen to be intrigued in the leak detection aspect of the module, providing the opportunity for cost savings on home insurance.

Rheem plans to come out with even more EcoNet-enabled items soon, like a unique HVAC system also making use of an EcoNet Controller that combines air and water tracking.

This is fantastic solutions that can be employed for the most popular types of water heaters, the conventional storage tank heater. Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO is confident that it will continue to progress, and together with the new water heater standards coming out in April 2015, it will make it much easier for different manufactures to hop on the bandwagon and offer related or even symbiotic technology!