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Repairing a Noisy Water Heater

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Gas Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO, Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO | 0 comments

Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO is repeatedly being consulted to check out at water heater. Popping and knocking noises may be as a result of problems with the water heater, but it’s likewise an aggravation. We are going to look at the most typical reason your water heater may possibly begin producing noise and what you can possibly do to calm it down! Prior to consulting a Lakewood professional, look into one of the most frequent water heater difficulties and remedies. The most likely reason a water heater will make noise Again, if the sound is an warning sign of problems with the...

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The Reasons of a Water Heater Tank Explosion

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in Gas Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO, Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO, Water Heater Safety | 0 comments

In terms of needing to undertake upkeep on ones water heater, it is a pretty minimal maintenance device.  Even so, one essential component of it needs to be examined routinely.  Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO wishes to pass on this safety material concerning ones water heater today. Too much temperature if joined with tank deterioration inside of the storage tank could potentially cause an explosion. Whenever the water temperature is under 212 degrees Fahrenheit, one shall be protected from an explosion, though there is a risk of scalding at that temperature.  However, if the water...

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Water Heater Wi-Fi Module from Rheem

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Gas Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO, Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO | 0 comments

Not to burst any ones bubble, no pun intended since we are looking at water heaters here, but in excess of 95 Percent of households continue to utilize a traditional water heater, not tankless ones. They simply function much better for bigger households regarding where the tankless technology is up to now. For this reason, it is good that research and technology is still being thought about for the traditional water heater. Which leads Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO to our conversation on Rheem’s Wi-Fi module designed for their gas and electric water heaters. This Wi-Fi module enables...

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Updates to Water Heater Regulation in 2015

Posted by on Dec 19, 2014 in Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO, Water Heater Replacement Lakewood CO | 0 comments

There are adjustments that will be taking effect in April 2015 from the federal government on water heater codes.  The new requirements deal with the efficiency of all newly made water heaters. What Will New Water Heater Standards Mean to Lakewood Homeowners? First of all the higher efficiency criteria will be a good factor obviously.  Nevertheless, it will at the same time increase the price of new water heaters.  The price increase will be due to the extra cost of producing the water heaters with more insulation in them.  A side effect of doing so, will increase the dimensions of the water...

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Leaking Lakewood Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

Posted by on Dec 9, 2014 in Gas Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO, Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO | 0 comments

The pressure relief valve of a water heater has an essential job – seeing to it the water heater tank does not explode. So with that in mind, Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO wishes to make certain house owners are aware of the best ways to best look after it. They will certainly leak when the valve breaks or when the water storage tank pressure gets greater then the relief point. We suggest that at least two times a year, homeowners test to make sure the pressure relief valve, or T&P valve as we will call it, is working appropriately. All one needs to do is raise the handle for a...

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Lakewood Home Spring Maintenance Tasks

Posted by on May 12, 2014 in Plumbing Repair Lakewood CO, Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO | 0 comments

Right here are a few various maintenance jobs to perform around your house in the spring from Water Heater Repair Lakewood CO. The majority of these jobs will not take long to do and will assist rather a bit in maintaining the value of ones home, as well as making it more energy effective. Water Heater The typical life of a water heater is from 8 to twelve years. It’s suggested to inspect to see if there is any leaking or rusting at the system’s base, and if there are any leaks due to rust, it is a good indication that the water heater should be replaced unfortunately. In...

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